What Makes Next Move Group's Strategic Plans Different?

5 Ways You Will Benefit As The Economic Developer:

1) You Will No Longer Be Judged By "Did You Land A New Industry This Year?"

2) You Will Have Realistic Goals and Implementation Strategies Written By Real Practitioners Not PhDs & Academics

3) You Will Gain Control Over The Tasks Your Organization Pursues

4) You Will Have Action Items To Defend Your Budget Asks

5) You Will Prioritize What You & Your Staff Works On As Opposed To Being Expected To Chase Every Little Thing At The Whim Of Your Board Or Elected Officials

Bismarck, ND, Testimonial

Nathan Schneider, VP Econ Dev, Bismarck-Mandan, North Dakota

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Next Move Group's 11-Step Strategic Planning Process:

  • Community Tour
  • One-on-One Cup Of Coffee Meetings With Stakeholders
  • Economic Research Into Growing Industries, At Risk Industries,¬† Occupational Wages, etc.
  • Next Move Group's Staff Compiles & Researches Every Idea From The Stakeholder Meetings & Economic Research
  • Halftime Eye Doctor Meeting (Ideas Gained From The Stakeholder Meetings & Economic Research Are Tossed Out In A "Better or Worse" Sticky Note Session)
  • Survey Monkey To Stakeholders To Vote 1-5 On All Ideas Which Passed The Halftime Eye Doctor "Better or Worse" Test
  • All Suvery Monkey Ideas Which Recieved At Least A 4 Out of 5 Vote By The Stakeholders Now Are Researched Heavily For Funding Alternatives, ROI Calculations, etc.
  • Presentation Of Draft Strategic Plan To Strategic Planning Committee Via Zoom
  • Finalize Draft Into Final Strategic Plan Version
  • Build Implementation Plan
  • Deliver Strategic Plan Via 2 Meetings One With Board + One With Community As A Whole

1-800-764-3105, ask for Chuck

Why Choose Next Move Group?

  • BUILT FOR COMFORT- We Seek To Make Your Stakeholders Feel Comfortable, We Do Not Ride Into Town & Try To Impress Anyone With Our Use Of Big Words & Fancy Economic Speak, Rather We Seek To Make Your Stakeholders Comfortable Via Our Relaxed Personalities & Approach. This Makes Your Plan Better Because Your Stakeholders Will Be More Honest With Us.
  • OUR EYES HAVE SEEN IT ALL- We Have Had More Than 600 Clients In 40 States Meaning We Have Likely Seen How Other Communities Have Successfully Tackled The Goals Which Will Come Up In Your Planning Process
  • PERSPECTIVE- We Have A Unique Perspective Due To: Our Staff Having Sat In Your Chair As Local Economic Developers, Having Done Hundreds Of Economic Development Executive Searches Giving Us The Perspective Of What Boards & Elected Officials Desire, & Representing Manufacturing Companies Via Site Selection Projects Gives Us The Perspective Of What They Are Seeking In Terms Of Sites, Infrastructure, Labor, & Incentives
  • YOU ARE IN CONTROL- We Give You And Your Board Complete Control Over The Process Via Our: Cup Of Coffee Meetings, Halftime Eye Doctor "Better or Worse" Meeting, Draft Plan Meeting, & Final Delivery Meetings

3 Levels Of Plans:

1. Comprehensive 5-Year Rolling Strategic Plan

2. Vision Now Mid-Level Strategic Plan

3. Spark Plan Introductory Service

1-800-764-3105, ask for Chuck